Cindi Kunkel

Cindi is the moving force behind the Choose Wisely concept and the resident Gifts and Talents expert. She is the author/conductor of the Choose Wisely genesis workshop series, which identifies the origin of your brain's hard-wiring and your innate God-given abilities. In addition, Cindi provides private profile assessments to people of all ages, helping them choose paths that best fit their nature and abilities.

Her devotion to helping the upcoming generation is obvious in her efforts as a college admissions counselor. In 2002, Cynthia Bewkes Kunkel started C.B. Kunkel and Associates, LLC to meet a growing demand for highly personalized counseling devoted to families seeking guidance on the college admissions process.  It is through this process that Cindi encourages young people to find their authentic voice and unique identity. 

In addition to ten years in educational consulting, Cindi brings fourteen years of experience in the financial world, including ten with J.P. Morgan where she worked on accounts in Asia, the Pacific Basin, the United Kingdom and Ireland. For two years, Cindi served as manager of the Corporate Finance Program, working extensively with young trainees worldwide and top professors from Wharton, Harvard, and Columbia.  Cindi is a Professional Member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), participant in the Harvard Institute for College Admissions, and stays current conducting workshops, accepting speaking engagements, traveling throughout the US visiting campuses and attending seminars/workshops. She holds a BFA and MS from TCU.

She can be contacted at CBKUNKEL@AOL.COM