The Choose Wisely Team

Each member of the Choose Wisely team brings her own unique set of gifts and talents, but they all share the same belief that whatever project you’re on, it’s all about who’s on the bus with you. This trip is no exception.


Cindi Kunkel, Gifts & Talents Guru

In 2002, Cynthia Bewkes Kunkel started C.B. Kunkel and Associates, LLC to meet a growing demand for a highly personalized counseling firm devoted to families seeking guidance on the college admission process.  It has been...


Joanie Butman, Blogger

Joanie is the author of several collections of faith essays, including Heart Murmurs, Table Talk, and The Issue Room. Her most recent book, I Don't Buy Green Bananas, describes her journey through a cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

Shawn Molesphini, Devotional Diva

Shawn grew up outside New York City in Westchester County and after graduating from the University of Virginia with a BA in English, moved to NYC to make her fortune.  After madly dashing from one career to another...