Religion or Relationship?

by Joanie Butman

I am frequently asked whether is a Christian website. The simple answer is no. The more complicated one is that I am a Christian so my choices and my stories are governed by that conviction. My Christianity isn’t a ‘religion,’ it’s a relationship which is at the core of my identity. As such, it can’t be compartmentalized because it’s who I am. My faith is woven throughout every aspect of my life. It affects every choice I make so naturally it will come through in my stories.

Everyone has a belief system regardless of what they choose to call it, and those beliefs influence every decision they make and every interaction they have. It would be naïve to think otherwise.

Mine happens to be Christianity, but that will not be the case for everyone who contributes a story or comment. I think the interest lies in reading stories from people with diverse backgrounds and beliefs and how those contribute to their own life choices. That’s why it is so important to share personal stories, because only you can reveal what guides your decision-making process. In doing so, you might impact someone else who is struggling with a decision of their own.

Our vision for the Choose Wisely! website is to create a platform where people can be comfortable sharing and discussing whatever it is that helps them gain insight and wisdom as they journey through life without fear of judgment from others.

What guiding principle(s) do you base your decisions on?