Sounds of Summer

by Joanie Butman

The warm, friendly greetings welcoming you back after a long winter

The peaceful silence of watching a beautiful sunrise with a hot cup of coffee

The rhythmic sound of the waves, whether they be gentle, rolling ones or angry, crashing ones

The patter of rain on the roof unmuffled by finished ceilings or insulation

The whistle of a tea kettle every morning at exactly 7:35

The morning paper hitting the deck

The screen door slamming

The bark of the neighbor’s dog

The seagulls and doves singing their own distinctive songs

The sweet tinkling of a wind chime blowing in the ever present ocean breeze

The irresistible sound of children giggling with delight

The easy, lazy conversations over a beer on the porch or a glass of wine at cocktail hour

The lively conversations of loved ones over a lobster dinner

Stories told, laughter shared

The soft, sleepy “I love you” as we drift off to sleep warm from the kiss of the sun on our skin, our hearts pleasantly full with the love of family and friends, our bellies full from the foods of summer.

The sad farewells at the end of the summer

These are the sounds of Long Beach

They are what make it such a special place that tugs at your heart all winter while you anxiously await the first signs of Spring calling you home.