The End of Summer

Author wishes to remain anonymous.


What is ‘a gift of unexamined time?’

What might ‘summer’ bring as such a gift?

Does it consist of those moments when I could block out the extreme sadnesses in my life – my deceased children – the violence of their deaths – by my focus on summer’s great weather, blue skies, outdoor concerts and theater, sandy beaches, happy children’s voices and all those pleasured summer days and nights? NO! NO! NO!

Winter’s days and nights offer similar pleasures and most of the same enticements as those of summer. In fact, I consider each of the four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter to offer gifts - not of freedom from my deep sorrows. Instead each season presents me with an opportunity to block sadness. There is no ‘end’ to the so-called ‘gift.’ If I choose to be happy and outgoing and to perform small acts of kindness, my choices stretch wide across each of the four seasons.

Happiness, outgoingness, helpfulness!!!! MY CHOICES!