Christmas Begins...

by Joanie Butman


While you are boxing up Christmas this week, I wanted to send something to think about in the process because Christmas isn't over. It's just beginning. You can pack away the ornaments and discard the greens, but the present/presence God sent on Christmas is meant to be re-gifted all year long. There isn't a box big enough to contain the Spirit of God though many people are tempted to confine Him to parameters our limited minds can understand. If there's anything I've learned about God, it's that He is meant to be experienced not necessarily understood. He's too big for us to wrap our heads around. In fact, it's our heads that usually get in the way.

Clearing away the distractions of Christmas is a good thing. It gives us the room to carry Christmas into the New Year ripe with opportunities to share the love of God with others. How we choose to do this will be unique to each of us. He only asks that we do what we can, with what we have, where we are. Hmm...maybe that was Teddy Roosevelt or Mother Theresa. Regardless of who said it, the message is spot on. How will you choose to re-gift Christ this year?

Happy New Year!