by Joanie Butman

Finally got the finishing touches complete on that bathroom project I mentioned recently. While the plumber was installing fixtures, we got to chatting. I learned that his side job is spray-tanning women – preferably swimsuit models and athletes. He described his process and the paper thongs his clients use for maximum tan coverage. Curious, I inquired, “What prompted you to go into that business?” He replied, “I don’t know. I just woke up one morning and it seemed like a good idea.” I suppose God has a calling for everyone. From a man’s perspective, spray-tanning young, lithe women has infinite more appeal than plumbing for sure. His business is called The Tan Man, but I thought Cans and Tans was catchier given his dual careers.


After spending the summer at the beach, spray-tanning isn’t necessary. What I need by this time every August is a different kind of spray – one of a Divine nature. I could use it every day but particularly after two months of decadent living. Blessedly, Christ offers His services free of charge. His sacrifice on our behalf bathes us in His righteousness. Full coverage guaranteed! And it doesn’t just lie on the surface but permeates deep into our souls.

As far as bodies are concerned, I’ve always believed whatever you have looks better brown. But real beauty begins within. When you are filled with the spirit of Christ, you can’t help but glow inside and out, which I suppose makes me a true Glo-girl – a nickname used for female residents of Glosta, Massachusetts, where I reside in the summer. Just as a spray tan leaves you looking like you were kissed by the sun, choosing to soak up the light of Christ produces the look and feel of being kissed by the Son, which is infinitely better. So if you're looking for a radiant glow, choose to sit in His presence regularly. It’s the best beauty tip I’ve ever learned and longer lasting than any spray tan!

*Dedicated to all my fellow Glo-girls wherever they reside.