Wedding Bells

Wedding Bells

Forget the royals. Today I’m attending an even more memorable wedding. My parents are finally getting married! They actually celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary in February; however, due to my dad’s worsening dementia, he’s forgotten their original nuptials. He proposes to my mom daily. During my last visit, he gazed at her lovingly and declared his intentions, “Isn’t she beautiful? I’m going to marry her. I’m so happy. I’m the luckiest man alive.”Truth be told, that sentiment…..

Perfectly Imperfect

The most amazing thing about Mother’s Day is that despite my glut of BPMs (Bad Parenting Moments), my children still graciously present loving cards and choose to honor me by spending the day together. I don’t think there’s a mother alive who doesn’t wish for a do-over on some of her worst days. If she does exist, I don’t want to meet her. Wait, I already have. I was surrounded…..

God Laughs

God Laughs

It’s time for a more light-hearted musing don’t you think? While I would like nothing better than to entertain you with funny anecdotes each week, sometimes life just isn’t funny. The Easter Season is a perfect example of the paradox of life – intense pain and sorrow but also unimaginable joy. Even Peter and John’s foot race to the tomb makes me laugh. Can’t you just imagine Peter’s…..

The Master's Victory

Tiger Woods’ victory at the Masters Tournament on Palm Sunday washis first major championship in 11 years. Forget schadenfreude. Who doesn’t love a good redemption story? Especially after such a dramatic public fall from grace. Isn’t that what Easter is all about? The celebrations may be over, but God’s redemption plan is still unfolding. Nature is announcing it all around us as spring bursts forth out of the dead of winter. Christ was resurrected once (the true Master’s victory), but blessedly we can…..

God's Temple

God's Temple

Who wasn’t affected this week witnessing the collapse of Notre Dame’s famed spire? It’s no wonder France, along with countries around the globe, mourn the loss of this beloved cathedral – or parts of it. It’s a tragedy, of course, but it’s still just a building. From what I’ve heard, there was only one serious injury by a firefighter and many religious relics and priceless artwork were rescued. Given the severity…..

Helping Hooves

Today marks the dawning of Holy Week, the start of Christ’s Passion, beginning with His glorious procession into Jerusalem. Personally, it’s also an acknowledgment of His triumphant entry into my heart. The thing about the Easter story is that until we make it personal, it remains just that – a story. It only becomes meaningful when we enter into it. So, who am I in the story? A woman singing praises while laying down her cloak in submission? A member of the crowd calling for His execution? Simon helping Christ carry the cross? One of the soldiers driving the nails through…..

Grumpy Old Lady

Grumpy Old Lady

During my last early morning walk in Florida, I came upon a family of frolicking dolphins. It felt like a parting gift as I had been praying to see one jump (and catch it on camera for my daughter) before I left. It would have been a perfect morning had I not been accosted by a crotchety old biddy waving her walking sticks perilously close to my head. I had earphones on (listening to Christian music), engrossed in a God moment, so did not hear the woman screaming at me about…..

Guilty As Charged

Guilty As Charged

Maybe it was divine payback for my comment about circumcision in an earlier post, but I sliced off the tip of my finger last week. I kid you not. Selling Cutco knives was the costliest summer job my son ever held. This is the third trip to the emergency room since I became his first customer. Not that the tip of one’s forefinger can compare to other more sensitive areas, but it was painful. As I sat in the emergency room, I wondered what I was supposed to learn from this episode…..

Entrance Fees

The college admissions scandal dominated the news this week. What surprised me most was not that it was a reality, but that it is news at all. Anyone who has been through the process is well aware of the inequities that plague the college admissions system. The only difference in these cases is that the perpetrators crossed a legal boundary. Wealthy parents have been ‘buying’ entrance into elite schools forever. It starts long before college. Making a six or seven-figure ‘donation’ may not be considered a ‘bribe’ legally nor is joining the board, but let’s just call a spade a spade. My own children…..

Hope Waiting

While in Milwaukee, I accompanied my sister to the hospital for a number of appointments. The names of the clinics surprised me. There is Faith, Hope, Courage and Grace. I can’t think of anything you need more when battling cancer – or life for that matter. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could infuse those qualities through an IV? So much simpler than developing them the hard way – through…..

At the Foot of the Cross

Now that I’ve had a couple of months to process the trip to Israel, I wanted to share what I consider my most valuable takeaway – or more accurately, ‘leave behind.’ When the professor suggested we begin the trip open to the divine mystery and a new way of looking at things, I had no idea the ‘thing’ God was going to have me see in a new way was me – and not the me…..

Rock Walls

While visiting my sister in Milwaukee last week, I had the privilege of accompanying my nephew and his five-year-old son, Finn, to an indoor playground called BOUNCE. Based on the name, you can imagine the plethora of inflatables available. It’s been a long time since I laughed so hard. Pure joy is balm for the soul. Too many of us forget the importance of play…..

Muddy Waters

At a recent wellness retreat, I had the privilege of experiencing my first “official” mud bath. Based on where I’ve been, who I’ve been with, what I’ve been watching or what I’ve been doing, there are days when I’ve felt just as dirty by the end of the day. Let’s face it, no one is immune to the current mud-slinging atmosphere in this country. You can’t avoid its negative impact…..

Superbowl Showdown

Superbowl Sunday. Short of making it a National Holiday, I don’t know how you could miss the buzz this event provokes. If tonight’s game is anything like the two playoff games leading up to it, it’s going to be another nail-biter, especially if you’ve got skin in the game. Even though the Patriots have become the team everyone loves to hate, you’ve got to admire the last-minute miracles that characterize …..


As I put my photo book together, many more Israel moments return to me. The trip was so fast-paced, it’s a blur. It feels good to have the opportunity to sit back and reflect on the places I visited and the lessons I learned. Oddly, many of those lessons occurred on the bus. There was one in particular that resonated with me. We began each day in prayer as we embarked on our next adventure. It was about five days into the trip after we’d see lotsof ruins. The man chosen to lead us in prayer confessed that …..

Holy Land Debrief

So, did I return from Israel a changed woman? Other than an extra five pounds, a better understanding of biblical culture and a deeper appreciation for scripture, the answer is no. I have to admit I’m disappointed I didn’t experience the spiritual transformation so many pilgrims told me to expect and wondered if there was something wrong with me. It’s not that there weren’t moving moments, but they…..

Oy Vey!

Considering I only know two Hebrew words, it’s ironic I would employ one before leaving Newark airport. While purchasing food, I realized with dread my credit and ATM cards were still on the photocopier at home. I thought I was so organized copying them in case of a lost or stolen wallet. Stupidly, I took the photocopy just not the cards. Without them, I didn’t exist as far as the hotel in Tel Aviv was concerned. “But I am a child of God” did not fly when trying to check in. What the heck? This is the Holy Land isn’t it? I could’ve…..

The Great Adventure

The Great Adventure

As some of you may know, today is the Feast of the Epiphany, which commemorates the Wise Men finding Jesus after following a star through the desert. It seems only fitting to choose this time to embark on my own pilgrimage to the Holy Land. It’s certainly an appropriate manner in which to combat the holiday hangover January ushers in – the aftermath of too much food, too many festivities, too many distractions. Now as the din of December fades…..

Christmas Begins...

While you are boxing up Christmas this week, I wanted to send you something to think about in the process because Christmas isn't over. It's just beginning. You can pack away the ornaments and discard the greens, but the present/presence God sent on Christmas is meant to be re-gifted all year long. There isn't a box big enough to contain the Spirit of God though many people are tempted to confine Him to parameters our limited minds can understand. If there's anything I've learned about God, it's that He is meant to be …..